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5 Responses to Respect the Hashtag

  1. Liza B says:

    This is great!

    How about adding a description of what exactly constitutes spamming the hashtag…There has been a lot of it lately and it is so intrusive. Maybe provide a couple of example tweets (no need to single any one out, just make up a couple!) so as to be perfectly clear and explicit?

    I heart my #BCSM!


  2. DrAttai says:

    I think spamming is something you know when you see it - of course unless you’re the one doing the spamming! Examples would include promoting your own event or company during a tweetchat on an unrelated topic, or using the hashtag in a tweet about something completely unrelated. I’d hate to call out anyone by posting their offending tweets, but I think this community will be able to protect the integrity of the #BCSM hashtag so it can be a reliable source of information as well as a “bat signal” for those that need help.

  3. BlondeAmbition says:

    Great information for newbies as well as our more seasoned crew. With regard to spam, there has been a tweet making the rounds that comes across as a ‘cry for help’ but the frequency of the tweet (and the fact that it is repeated verbatim on a very regular basis) has led me to believe otherwise. My concern is that unsuspecting members of our community might be lured into engaging with people who are posting this fraudulently, or worse, as a result of these tweets, ignoring someone who actually does need help. The suspected tweet is below and has taken on one of two versions (twitter handle used is fake just for this example):

    Example 1: (sent as a message to another Twitter user unaffiliated with #BCSM)
    @ABC123 In my case, I’m the caregiver being pushed away by the patient. #bcsm

    Example 2: (sent as a generic tweet, not directed at anyone)
    In my case, I’m the caregiver being pushed away by the patient. #bcsm

    I would encourage the #BCSM community to proceed with caution in responding to any of these tweets. Look at the profile of the person who tweeted it (and if there is one, the person they tweeted it to). Review their past tweets, number of followers, and whether they seem to follow anyone in the #BCSM community. From what I’ve observed, they tend to be lone wolves with few followers and have tweets that are completely random and make no other references to illness or a family member or friend having breast cancer. The same is true for the person they’ve tweeted the message to (in those cases).

    I’ve been reporting both profiles as spam when I see them. I know the moderators are aware of this, but there is clearly something amiss here. Today alone, I found three of these tweets. Hope this is helpful.

  4. DrAttai says:

    This is another comment that has been making the rounds: ‏”@XYZ Oatmeal raisin! #bcsm”.

    I’ve seen this multiple times, with different @ mentions. Anyone familiar with the chats knows we talk a lot about cookies (thanks, Alicia!). But these tweets occur randomly - one was posted today. I’d follow the advice of BlondeAmbition above - ignore, block, report as spam - but do not reply.

    • BlondeAmbition says:

      Glad you mentioned that about the cookies, Dr. Attai. I saw that one today as well, but didn’t realize it was a regular occurrence. Has anyone contacted Twitter for assistance with either of the above? I don’t like to be cynical, but the regularity is a red flag that seems like it is some kind of code. I’ve googled both phrases and a lot of hits come up. I’d like to think people have better uses of their time than spamming hashtags.

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