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Jun 10, 2015
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Sir, You Have Breast Cancer!

Just imagine hearing those words as a man, or a woman about her father, husband, son or any loved one!

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was formed by a sister and brother in 2010 as a fully credited nonprofit organization to bring education, awareness, prevention and lifestyle assistance to anyone dealing with male breast cancer or having a family member with a history of Breast Cancer. Vicki and Harvey are both breast cancer survivors. Vicki is a three time survivor of breast cancer and Harvey a survivor of breast and prostate cancer. Both carry the BRCA gene mutation (breast cancer susceptibility). Having genetic testing done, it was determined that our cancers were caused by the BRCA2 mutation.

Harvey and Vicki founded HIS Breast Cancer Awareness as most men don’t even realize they too can be diagnosed with this disease and no one is checking! Our mission is to help inform, to educate, bring awareness and to teach prevention regarding breast cancer in men. We are here to assist and inform once you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Understanding your family history and your genetic background is an important tool for men to know their risks. With a family history (male or female) of breast, ovarian, early onset prostate, pancreatic, melanoma and other cancers, men should then be checking themselves as well as additional testing as needed such as genetic, mammogram, ultra sound, MRI, PSA blood work, scans, etc. You can view how to perform a self breast exam for a man on our web site. Awareness and education are the first steps to prevention and early detection.

When Harvey was first diagnosed, Vicki could assist him with information regarding breast cancer however she couldn’t help him with what it was like to be a man with this “women’s” disease. We scoured the internet but there was very little information available other than a man assisting a female in his life with her diagnosis. We wanted to make a change to help other men know they are not alone with this disease; provide them with information and to assist with the stigma’s that exist. We want to take away the embarrassment for a man to have a mammogram and fill out the appropriate forms. Harvey has written a book called Sir, You Have Breast Cancer (available on Amazon) to share his story, his life as a man with breast cancer. In addition, our ribbon is pink and blue to acknowledge men.

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness works hard to partner with other organizations such as FORCE, the University of Pennsylvania Basser Research Center, Moffit Cancer Center and many more to share and gain knowledge as well as keep up to date with the newest findings and studies along with our own prominent Medical Advisory Board.

There are so many changes that need to happen to save lives in men with breast cancer. First is awareness! We are working with Alan Blassberg and his wonderful crew in the making of a documentary called Pink&Blue that will be an important piece to this puzzle of helping to educate others. Our hope is that within the next five years, male breast cancer will be openly discussed, understood and included in the many studies and trials to help with earlier diagnosis, prevention and treatments. Breast cancer for men is where it was for women 40-50 years ago; No one was talking about it, mastectomy was the ‘best’ option and other treatments were not fully understood. We are working towards change for education, earlier detection and to help save lives!

For more information on Male Breast Cancer and HIS Breast Cancer Awareness,
please visit our web site at www.hisbreastcancer.org
You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Harvey I. Singer; Co Founder, Survivor, Husband, Father to 2 sons. Works hard at his paying job and his rewarding nonprofit organization and enjoys exercise, walking, golf and all Philly sports teams.

Vicki Singer Wolf; Co Founder, Survivor, Wife, Mother of 3 sons, 2 daughter-in laws and one grandson. Work includes full time with a health and nutrition company along with saving lives through the nonprofit organization and enjoys her time exercising, golfing, dancing, beach and spending time with friends and family.

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